Hello, So my Birthday is on December 6, so in three days. Usually by this time of year I’ve been bubbling with excitement and have been counting down the days since October. However this year I’m not really exited. Im not upset about it or dreading it but I’m just not exited. It just seems […]

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Im Not Sure

Hello, Welcome. I feel as though the last few days have been worse than usual. Ive been very stressed. One of my friends has been extremely rude about my anxiety, and why I don’t take meds for it. I have three concerts coming up that I’m performing at. And on top of this I have […]

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An Analogy

Warning: This might not be the same for everyone, but myself included I have talked to others with mental illnesses and they agree. Thank you! I was trying to fall asleep last week when I realized that a lot of mental illnesses make you feel forced to wear a ‘mask’, The mask being figurative of […]

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The Mighty

Hello, im sorry I haven’t been able to post lately. Ive been overwhelmed with concerts, homework, projects and I’m low on motivation. I was however reading articles by @TheMighty and found this quote: “I took on the role of adult with the world on her shoulders. I avoided my issues to try and attempt to […]

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Birthday Party

Hello, Ive been dealing with major friendship/girl drama and birthday party planning. My birthday is December 6 and I haven’t came up with a party idea. I was going to go ice skating and then host a sleepover but I can’t. I sprained a growth plate on my foot and I won’t be able to […]

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Hello, and welcome. I have actually had a somewhat uneventful week. I have cleaned up my room and I did a mini makeover to my room as well. It felt amazing to fall asleep with a clean, inviting space with a nice flow. One thing that has been stressing me out is my mothers birthday […]

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Moving Forward

Hello, Welcome or welcome back! I had a very rough week about two or three weeks ago I had a Audition for my schools advanced band and you preform it in front of the band. I did alright but I messed up once which caused people to laugh at me. That was extremely damaging. I […]

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